2-channel multiplexer, 1 x 4 solid-state relays 48 V AC/DC, 1 A, potential-free make contact ELM2742-0000

ELM2742-0000 | 2-channel multiplexer, 1 x 4 solid-state relays 48 V AC/DC, 1 A, potential-free make contact

With the ELM2742 Beckhoff is considerably extending the usage possibilities of the integrated measurement technology of the ELM3xxx series as well as the normal EL3xxx/EL4xxx analog inputs and outputs, because several sensors or sources can now be connected at the same time to one analog input channel. To this end, the ELM2742 is equipped with non-wearing solid-state relays (semiconductor switches) as switching elements, which are specially designed for small analog signals and thus set themselves apart from normal solid-state terminals like the EL279x. Due to the extremely low leakage current in the nA range in the opened state, the parallel-connected signals hardly influence each other at all. The multi-channel recording of analog signals as well as the flexible switching of various test states in production-integrated test stations is thus simple to achieve without externally connected switches.

Technical data ELM2742-0000
Technology Multiplexer
Connection technology MOSFET output
Number of outputs 2 x multiplexer 1 on 4
Nominal voltage 48 V AC/DC
Load type ohmic
Distributed clocks
Ohmic switching current 1 A AC/DC per channel (in the operating temperature range, 2 A at 25 °C ambient temperature)
Inductive switching current no data
Current consumption E-bus typ. 50 mA
Electrical isolation 500 V (E-bus/field potential)
Current consumption power contacts typ. 20 mA
Configuration no address or configuration setting
On-resistance typ. 0.1 Ω
Switching on speed typ. 1 ms, max. 5 ms
Switching off speed typ. 1 ms, max. 5 ms
Breakdown voltage 80 V
Short-circuit current not short-circuit proof, see peak current
Peak current 5 A (100 ms)
Special features wear-free solid-state relay (semiconductor), temperature measurement
Weight approx. 350 g
Operating/storage temperature 0…+55 °C/-25…+85 °C
Approvals/markings CE
Product announcement
estimated market release 4th quarter 2020